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Filter papers - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Filter papers

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Filter papers

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Lab-Top, PE coated paper MN 210 PE

This highly absorbent paper is coated on one side with polyethylene, providing an impermeable layer for the protection of the subjacent surface. Spilled liquids are effectively absorbed and can be removed cleanly.



MN 210 PE 48x60 cm, pack of 100 sheets REF 112000
MN 210 PE reel 100x0,6 m REF 112020


Weighing aids


MN 808 These weighing boats are made from a special,  100 pcs, 58x10x10 mm  REF 486000
  nitrogen-free parchment. They are used to weigh 100 pcs, 70x23x15 mm REF 486001
  viscous or syrupy substances.    
MN 226 A very smooth transparent paper guaranteeing Block of 100 sheets 9x11,5 cm REF 186002
  that the weighed goods can be transferred without loss.    
MN 40/25 Easy crushable parchment papers, especially used in the 1000 pcs, 10x10 cm REF 194000
  sugar industry.    


Filter Membranes Porafil

MACHEREY-NAGEL filter membranes Porafil are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions in highly elaborated processes. They are used in a large variety of procedures ranging from general-purpose water filtrations to microbiological determinations.

Porafil CM, cellulose mixed ester membranes

Membranes of cellulose mixed ester are recommended for the filtration of aqueous solutions in analytical and microbiological investigations.

Ordering information Porafil  CM; packs of 100

Pore size 0.2 um Diameter (mm) REF Pore size 0.45 um Diameter (mm) REF
13 65100020013 13 65100045013
25 65100020025 25 65100045025
47 65100020047 47 65100045047
50 65100020050 50 65100045050


 Porafil CM cellulose mixed ester membranes are also available as individual sterile packs. They are supplied individually sealed and commonly used for microbiological tests for example in the beverage industry.


Ordering information for sterile membranes Porafil CM; packs of 100


  Pore size 0.45 um Diameter (mm) REF
White membranes with black grid 50 65300045050
Green membranes with dark grid 50 65320045050
Black membranes with white grid 50 65310045050

Porafil CA, cellulose acetate membranes

Membranes of cellulose acetate with good stability to aqueous and alcoholic media. These membranes are commonly used for general purpose microbiological filtration.

Ordering information Porafil CA


Pore size 0.2 um Diameter (mm) Membranes/pack REF Por size 0.45 um Diameter (mm) Membranes/pack REF
47 100 68000020047 47 100 68000045047
50 100 68000020050 50 100 68000045050
142 25 68000020142 142 25 68000045142





























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CoolRack PCR
โทร 0-2889-9029, 0-2889-9739
Peristaltic Pump-Flow Rate Type up to 300ml/min
Premium Plus Pipettes, PP, Autoclavable
ปกติ 3,500.00 บ.
พิเศษ 2,500.00 บ.
เครื่องนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อด้วยแรงดันไอน้ำ Autoclave - LAC-5040S,LAC-5100SD
ราคา 0.00 บ.
YMC-Pack ODS Series
Petri dish, dia 90x15mm, PS
Filter papers
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