Disposable Filtering Chamber ขวดกรองสารละลายสำหรับเครื่อง HPLC-GC
Sterile gridded Membrane Filters กระดาษกรองมีเส้นสำหรับนับเชื้อ
Premium Pipettes, PP
Premium Plus Pipettes, PP, Autoclavable
Membrane Filters
Test tube screw cap หลอดแก้วฝาเกลียว
Syringe Filters
Hand Protection
Clearance Sale 2018
47mm Glass Filtration Kit, ชุดกรอง Mobile Phase
SMD02-1 Diluters Dispensers System
WT3000-1FB Micro Gear Pump
WT3000-1FA Micro Gear Pump
WT3000-1JB Micro Gear Pump
WT3000-1JA Micro Gear Pump
LSP01-1BH Syringe Pump
LSP01-1C Syringe Pump
LSP02/10-1B Syringe Pump
Stuart; Hotplate with Stirrer
LSP01-1A/2A LSP04-1A Syringe Pump
TJ-3A/W0109-1B Syringe Pump
TS-1B/W0109-1B Syringe Pump
Combi-spin combined centrifuge/vortex mixer
Thermoshaker for microtube/microplate
Dry Block Heating System
Cardboard Freezer Storage Boxes
Mini Vortex Mixers
Shaking water baths - Linear and Orbital
Unstirred Water Baths - SUB Aqua Pro
Metals Standards
Environmental Express
Peristaltic pump
Filter papers
Filter papers
Filter papers
Filter papers
Filter papers
Qualitative determination
Special test papers
AQUADUR - Water hardness
Semi-quantitative test strips
Indcator papers without color scale - easy acid/base distinctinction
UNISOL - liquid indicators
Tritest - triple zone pH-papers
Duotest - double zone pH-papers
pH indicator papers - standard for many applications
PEHANON - pH measurement in colored samples
pH-Fix, pH-Fix PT
Jumbo Hotplate ยี่ห้อ LabTech รุ่น LHT-2060D/LHT-2045D

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